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When the Builders met Bailey

12 May

The Mortar Boys were excited and proud to meet world famous photographer David Bailey this week. Looks like we might be contracted to use our scaffolding skills for his latest exhibition.

The eagerly anticipated retrospective  will be held from July 14 to August 11 at a soon-to-be-announced location.

We can say no more…

The Mortar Boys meet David Bailey

But Bailey said: “London’s East End is in my DNA and I’m thrilled to be able to return to my roots in Newham. The Olympics are helping to transform the borough and I’m delighted to be playing a special part in its transformation. Go East young man!”

“The pictures range, but the concentration is on the Sixties, Eighties and now,” Bailey told us. “Newham is the obvious place to do it – it’s where it all happened.”


London’s Top Builders’ Bottoms

11 May

Our ever-busy inner city London Polish building crew are still proving camera shy, though rumour has it, they met up with and were delighted to be working with London’s very own decade in / decade out… mega accomplished superstar snapper, earlier this week.

‘A proper Gent’ beamed the foreman…or to be precise…

‘Odpowiedni dzentelmen’.

An Olympian talent you might say, what can also be said is…it  was a bloody interesting project  and a good day’s work…in anyone’s language.


More on the exhibition will follow

Bailey talks about upcoming London Show

Drain drops keep falling on my head

3 May

This beautiful bloom currently resides in a very desirable inner city area, we might no longer wonder why the drains are over flowering down the main face and making a very negative contribution to our recently signed non damp proliferation treat (y) ment.

We can thank the birds for spreading their seed, and thank our stars it was spotted before the scaffold was struck.

As for the geranium, its stock is fast going down, to the garden.


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