It’s Cold Outside

19 Apr

£200m for People Who Take Up Green Deal Scheme in First Year

Collectively, homes and businesses across the UK waste approximately £3 billion of energy every year. High quality, government accredited energy efficiency installations, designed to ensure British families and businesses pay no more than necessary to keep warm, might be the answer.


Heralded as a “revolution” in the UK energy sector, the Green Deal is the flagship government initiative to increase the energy efficiency of British properties in the public and private sector.

The Green Deal will allow private energy firms to provide domestic and commercial customers with double glazing, loft and wall insulation and other structural improvements designed to boost the energy efficiency of their buildings and reduce heating bills.

From autumn 2012, participating  companies and accredited retailers  will provide customers across the UK with quality-assured work to their homes, businesses and community spaces for no upfront cost, and without loans or advance finance.

The full cost of the measures will be recovered through instalments on the energy bill over several years, and because the Green Deal is not a personal loan or an advance payment scheme, there is no obligation to continue paying the instalments if you move house.

Suitability for the scheme will be assessed on a simple calculation, known as the “golden rule” of the Green Deal – the predicted savings from the energy efficiency improvements to your property must equal or exceed the cost of installation.

The Mortar Boys will provide further info closer to the time.



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