The New Heat

13 Apr

Who could remain cool at the sight of one of these radiators? Home-improvers up and down the country are having hot flushes over these unusual devices and although they might not all be to everyone’s taste, they certainly cause some heated discussion amongst The Mortar Boys.

Hose Designer Radiator

If you are looking for a centre piece then this is the appliance for you. The Hose designer radiator is an extremely eye catching design statement.  With over 20 metres of braded hose, this powerful performer is not only an effective heating solution but an iconic fashion addition to any home. Its industrial style is unique and will provide you with a talking point in your home, set yourself aside from your friends and leave traditional styles behind.  Around £995 including VAT.

Vasco Bryce Vertical Radiator

The multi award winning Vasco Bryce Designer Vertical Radiator is an envelope pushing technological marvel. The first aluminium radiator that can claim to be truly silent the Bryce has pushed the use of aluminium in radiator design. This radiator is fully enclosed meaning all the connections and other less pleasing to the eye elements are well hidden from view leaving the beautifully designed radiator to stand unhindered by them.

Victoriana cast Iron Radiator

This Victoriana radiator adds a touch of old-fashioned chic to any house. It looks and feels solid, is pretty efficient and is extremely easy to install. It retails at around £120 including VAT.


One Response to “The New Heat”

  1. Arthur April 13, 2012 at 3:26 pm #

    The middle one’s not bad but the first one looks like a noose. I quite like

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